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Technology is more advance in these Days. People around the world are more excited to visit a different culture and Explore different countries. Many craziest people and YouTuber visit and explore a different culture and Nature structure. In the last 5 years, vlogging get fame instantly and explore the world using different gadgets to record video in cameras mobiles, etc.

Nowadays vlogging is not just only explore the world it's about whats are you do or where you were you can record everything that you want record whats you do right now and many more best phone for vlogging can find your phone 
As everyone knows for record movement of life we have to buy cameras or other gadgets to make video powerful HD Quality. Famous and rich guys easiest to buy devices for recording but as a normal person is difficult to buy cameras and phones. so Mobiles companies are busy to make high-level cameras to record HD video in today world is gone with powerful cameras mobiles to make powerful video High quality so peoples Can Buy mobiles with high-quality cameras so they record video in good quality for their vlogging careers


Phone for Vlogging Video Quality Image Stabilization
Apple iPhone Xs Max 4K Ultra HD Yes
Samsung Galaxy S10+4K Ultra HD Yes
Apple iPhone 8 Plus4K Ultra HD Yes
Huawei Mate 20 Pro4K Ultra HD Yes
Huawei P30 Pro4K Ultra HD Yes

Final Review/ best phone for vlogging;

the best phone for vlogging Apple iPhone XS Max s the first best phone for vlogging on our list with an elegant design and full-screen view at the same time. The products from Apple have got a superior display and it is visible in XS Max as it has got a bright Retina display with a full-color resolution. 
First of all, the best phone for vlogging the device offers ultra HD 4K video recording at a steady fps rate. That being said, you will be able to capture life in full HDR mode. 12 MP dual cameras with dual OIS is responsible for better video performance. However, know that the quality is still nothing as compared to a 4K vlogging camera.
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